Charcoal Making

Carnog Working Horses now makes charcoal in small batches from small diameter coppiced ash, elm, sycamore and hazel. These give a natural, subtle, woody taste to your barbecue.  We are now making the much finer artists' charcoal which led to the two new images of the team on the Home page and below.

Of course, only horse power is used to extract the wood from traditional woodland or other sustainably managed woodlands in the Tanat Valley.  Our small Carnog mobile kiln can also be brought to your woodland to make charcoal from your own wood in only 8 hours.

Artists’ Charcoal Images from Carnog

Molly and BluebellI have recently started making artists’ charcoal when running the kiln for making barbecue charcoal.  I experimented with different woods and even got into some drawing myself too. This inspired me to ask a wonderful artist and friend, Sally Duckers, to make some new images to use as a business logo and on the website.

Following the whole process through from felling the trees, extracting them with a horse, making sure all of the wood was used for something useful, and then taking the charcoal to draw these images, says a lot about what Carnog is really all about. It may be old school, but in a preserving traditional skills way.  It’s about being mindful of what I am doing when I am managing land and doing the best I can for every bit I get to manage.  I also believe that horselogging is an art form and not just a way of life.

I am much better at the art of horselogging than at drawing.  The drawing expert, the wonderful Sally Duckers, produced the two images.  They are so good that they are now available as A6 greetings cards, and A4 and A3 prints.  The price is £6 for a set of 6 A6 size cards, 3 of each design, plus £2 for 1st class postage. You can mix the designs up if you wish.  The cards and envelopes are made from 100% recycled card/paper and have been printed by a local company. Larger prints are £22 for A4 and £28 for A3, plus postage. 

Please message me directly for payment details with your address, and how many you would like. The artists’ charcoal will also be available to buy from April 2024.

These photographs shows the sequence of events making the charcoal. 

Charcoal 1

Charcoal 2

Charcoal 3

Carnog Charcoal

Carnog charcoal is currently available directly from Barbara at our base in Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant.


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