Over the last 16 years we have built up considerable experience in specialist and complex felling and extraction methods in all sort of woodlands.  Horses still have a really valuable role to play in modern-day woodland management and we have really carved a niche for ourselves on steep and awkward sites and can often come in to offer solutions where others fail. 

Billy and Tyler HorseloggingLow-impact forestry

Horses come into their own when the work required is to be as low impact as possible and on protected woodland sites such as ancient woodlands and SSSIs. We also have lots of experience working on sites where there are important archaeological aspects to preserve, including recently on a scheduled ancient monument and on a world heritage site.

The horses impact is minimal and we have a great team of foresters and tree surgeons that we work with who can carry out super selective and complex felling to carry out really precise and specific work. 

Ideal on Inaccessible Sites

Horses are very manoeuvrable can work in really limited areas and we have done a lot of work recently clearing dangerous trees along narrow footpaths, where other methods would have failed to reach.  Horses do not require any infrastructure to be built to enable us to access and so costs can be lower, especially for small operations, than getting in heavy machinery. 

Steep sites

My cobs are extremely nimble and brave and we can work on very steep ground as shown in this video here where we were carrying out line thinning, following Continuous Cover Forestry methodology on a neglected plantation on ancient woodland (PAWS) site. 

Free site visits

I am always more than happy to come and provide a site visit to your woodland and give you my thoughts on whether horses could be the right choice for your woodland.  Please get in touch with any questions or to arrange a visit.

All tree work undertaken

We can carry out tree work on any tree, and work with a variety of people to offer a full service of tree work including tree surgery and dealing with dangerous and windblown trees.  We also do tree planting and the horses can be used as pack animals or with a sledge to move the trees around site.

Photo Gallery

Hafod y cwm

We are fully covered by Public and Employer's liability insurance for all our operations.

A portfolio of previous work and references can be provided.  Please see our Experience and Clients page for more details.


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